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What is the process for illustrating a book?

​In my 4+ years of designing and illustrating children’s books, I’ve streamlined a simple and easy book creation process. Whether you need help with the initial idea or artistic aspects like character design, illustrations, and layout, I’ve got you covered. From storyboard to final files

Here’s a simplified step-by-step plan for a book illustration process:


  1. Step 1 Initial Discussion:
    We start with a conversation to understand your book idea and any specific requirements you may have.
  2. Step 2- Develop Your Manuscript
    Submit your manuscript for professional proofreading. Important: Once sketching and coloring begin, text changes may impact existing work.  

Step #2: Character designs & development.

Step #3: Storyboard/layout designed.

Step #3: Sketches for the illustrations produced.

Step #4: Illustrations created from the sketches.

Step #5: Digital proof and review of the completed book.

Step #6: Print files created for your chosen printing options.

Step #7: Receive your book from the printers!

The second part of thrilling adventures of the Bear, about the power of selfless friendship. The friends are going on a long-planned trip to the lake. The little hedgehog has a hard time keeping up with the huge bear, so the fluffy animal offers help for the little one. However, he did not foresee that helping the hedgehog would also cause him some trouble.