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Category Picturebook Series Character Designs
Techniques used Digital

Published/Unpublished Published
Publishing date 2021, 2022, 2023
ISBN Number 9788381413596, 9788381413596, 9788381414500, 9788381414500
Writer Monika Kamińska
Illustrator Agnieszka Wajda
Publisher Dwukropek
In this picturebook/ boardbook series, the spotlight shines on a charming duo – a Bear and his little sidekick, a Hedgehog Nini. The Bear, though intimidating to other animals, shares a heartwarming bond with Nini, showcasing the power of friendship in the most unlikely of places.
My illustrations are crafted with a gentle touch, using soft lines and warm tones to create a cozy atmosphere that’s perfect for the youngest children. Drawing inspiration from the picture books I adored as a child, I poured attention into every intricate detail, aiming to transport young readers into a world of wonder and imagination, just as those cherished books did for me.