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Category Chapter Book
Techniques used Digital
Published/Unpublished Published
Publishing date 2021
ISBN Number 9787533959952
Writer Kenji Miyazawa
Illustrator Agnieszka Wajda
Publisher Great Star Media Co Ltd, Shanghai, 浙江文艺出版社
The core of my character design work in Kenji Miyazawa’s anthology revolves around the heroic elephant, who takes center stage as the central and titular character in this collection of 12 classic fairy tale masterpieces.
Notably, this character, serving as the titular hero, also graces the anthology’s cover, making it the visual centerpiece of this captivating collection. The elephant’s presence embodies the essence of these stories, enticing readers to embark on a journey where each tale stands independently, promising an exhilarating and uniquely joyful reading experience.